Citizenship by Investment secures visa-free travel to 180+ countries

Our Residency and Citizenship by Investment programs open up many international opportunities for you and your family.

With a second passport, visa denials are a thing of the past…

Apply with us for your second citizenship and say goodbye to visa troubles.

Imagine the Possibilities that Residency in Europe could bring…

Travel for business or pleasure across the EU visa-free.

Benefits of Second Citizenship

Make borders a thing of the past.

Visa Free Travel
Visa-Free Travel

Securing a second passport from either a European, Caribbean or Oceanic country can enable visa-free travel to up to 180+ countries across the globe.

Doing it for the Kids
Save Time

Enjoy a stress-free environment and avoid the lengthy processes of visa applications and complications of travel to a plethora of destinations.

Tax Benefits
Tax Benefits

Most citizenship programs are in low tax jurisdictions, which can offer tax savings internationally on: income tax, net worth tax, inheritance tax & capital gains tax.

Business Opportunity
Multiply Business Oportunities

Maximise your global business footprint with a second citizenship making travel, and life, a simpler issue allowing you to focus on your global business goals.

Back-up Plan
Back-up Plan

Having a B-plan is always a good idea, with second citizenship this enables you and your family an opportunity to jump ship and travel at short notice.

Knowledge is Power

Gaining a European passport would allow you and your family to live, work and study in some of the world’s most premier centres of education.


Here's a bit more about the team behind Leon & Partners

We have over 7 years experience in advising high net worth individuals in the GCC. Through our global partnership network with governments, law firms and financial institutions we are able to provide a one-stop-shop for our clients’ citizenship and residency needs ensuring these are met as smoothly as possible.

We take a holistic approach with our clients global needs, from citizenship/residency to wealth management, international real estate, insurance and tax planning.

Our ethos can be summarized in one sentence: “If we wouldn’t advise it to our mothers, we will not advise it to our clients.”

About Leon & Partners

Country Programs

Here's a handful of our Residency and Citizenship by Investment opportunities…










Wealth Management, International Real Estate, and Tax Planning at your finger tips…

One-stop shop for all wealth management advisory needs such as investments in global instruments and other related financial assets.

Leon & Partners work closely with various local and international service providers which allow us to offer a gamut of best-in-class products and services to our clients.

We provide our clients with access to the best opportunities and deliver an end-to-end service that guides them through every step of their investment journey.

With a plethora of investment options on offer, Leon & Partners will carefully select the most suitable investment projects for you and arrange direct viewings in the chosen destination at your request.

We plan and structure your and your family’s financial future in order to preserve it, grow it and pass it on to the next generation.

Provide you with financial advisory solutions to protect your family and business for unforeseen events & liquidity needs such as inheritance taxes, key person loss.


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